36) Available for Rent!

                   February 13, 2020 

35) Furnishings & Triskelions

                   April 23, 2019 

34) Green Roof & Appliances

                   August 15th, 2018 

33) Between Snow & Summer

                   May 27th, 2018 

32) Sauna, Painting, Tile & Nest

                   April 1st, 2018 

31) Tesla, Geothermal ... Plasterers

                   February 17, 2018 

30) Solar Tracker is Online!

                   December 31, 2017 

29) Grid Connection & New Panels

                   December 31, 2017 

28) Interior Work

                   December 24, 2017 

27) Views of the Exterior

                   December 22, 2017 

26) Woodchips & a Bifacial Tracker

                   December 15, 2017 

25) Well Capping & A Minor Disaster

                   December 7, 2017 

24) Deep Wells, Green Roof & Chips

                   November 24, 2017 

23) Roofing, Windows, Bridge & Time

                   November 14, 2017 

22) The Crew & the SolaFlect Pad

                   October 31, 2017 

21) Walls & the Earth Tube

                    September 30, 2017 

20) Framing & Plan Change 

                    August 31, 2017

19) Foundation, ICFs & Radiant 

                    July 31, 2017

18) Demolition, Firemen & Footings 

                    June 15, 2017

17) Floor Plans   

                    June 2, 2017

16) The SunCar   

                    May 31, 2017

15) The Green Roof   

                     May 30, 2017

14) Energy Recovery- ERV or HRV?   

                     May 25, 2017

13) Triple Pane Windows, ICFs

                     May 24, 2017

12) Hot Tub-Small but Beautiful  

                     May 20, 2017

11) Solar Chimney 

                     May 18, 2017

10) The Tesla Battery- The Heart     

                     May 3, 2017

9) The Bottle Wall   

                     May 1, 2017

8) On Whey and Woodchips   

                     April 27, 2017

7) Geothermal  

                     April 13, 2017

6) Key Elements of the Building 

                     March 2, 2017

5) A True Passive House?                         

                     Jan. 26. 2017

4) The Systems: Solaflect Tracker   

                     Dec. 14, 2016

3) What to Build  

                     Nov. 23, 2016

2) The Story of the Old Cottage  

                     Oct. 22, 2016

1) SunCottage Genesis                         

                     August 29, 2016

April 23, 2019

Things have been moving slowly over the winter, but we're almost done. Just waiting on the electricians (any day now) and Darren McCullough, our trusted stonemason, who is even now assembling the stone for the various walls, entryways, patio and fire pit. Dry-laid ston...

August 16, 2018

June, July and early August were spent on finalizing many of the SunCottage's systems. Once things greened up, the crew turned it's attention to the green roof. Here Mike uses the lift to haul up the river cobbles for the drainage channels that surround the actual grow...

May 27, 2018

 As the snow melts, a roofing crew came in to lay the  waterproof membrane for the green roof:

Installation of the two Tesla batteries was scheduled for May 17th, but it didn't happen. Cancelled! Something about 'production delays'. Fortunately they did arrive to i...

April 1, 2018

March came in like a lion and left like a lamb as it always does. Three northeasters early in the month dumped several feet of snow, to be followed by a week of really sunny weather (The tracker set a record of 43 kWh one day!). By the end of March things were starting...

February 18, 2018

Tesla Man! 

After a slow start with Tesla we got an new account executive who made things fly: Aaron Lopez. With the internet up and working, the way was clear to schedule an installation inspection. Mike Lindsey, decked out below in his safety get-up, drove up from Aga...

January 21, 2018

Success! The tracker was up and running before the New Year's Day deadline. And luckily it was sunny so energy was produced and we qualified for the Federal tax credit. 

Here's our first 16 

The tracker is beautiful. The bifacial panels, that can generat...

December 31, 2017

The Federal Government has a program that gives back a 30% tax credit against the cost of installing a solar system. For our Solaflect tracker this amounts to nearly $7000 deducted from the total out-of-pocket cost of $23,000. But the thing is you have to have it up an...

December 24, 2017

With outside work nearly complete it was time to look to the inside. To take the chill off it was decided to bring in a propane heater: 

Besides making it comfortable enough to work without gloves, the interior had to be heated to allow for proper curing of the main flo...

December 22, 2017

Clapboarding continued through late December despite the frigid temperatures. Here are some views from the east, south and west respectively:

 Shawn working on the east side clapboard in sub-zero weather:

The well drillers returned to remove the top six feet of the well...

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